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The Constable of First City Court is a public official elected to serve the citizens of the East Bank of Orleans Parish by enforcing orders rendered by First City Court Judges. The Constable serves pleadings, performs seizures, executes evictions, processes wage garnishment collections, and conducts sales of property. The Constable is a peace officer with authority that mirrors the Sheriff’s Civil Division. The Constable’s Office is unique in that we perform our responsibilities using fees collected for service as opposed to tax assessments to citizens.

The Office of the Constable has a proud tradition of serving the citizens of Orleans Parish East Bank not only as mandated by law, but also through volunteering and community service.


Kristi August
Chief Deputy
Gaynelle Mitchell
Administrative Assistant
Ashata Stamps
Garnishment Specialist
Angelica Jenkins
Out of Town Service Specialist

 Constable  First City Court   City of New Orleans - East Bank

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