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In New Orleans, the Constable is the chief law enforcement officer for First City Court, which has jurisdiction over the entire East Bank of Orleans Parish. Under order of the First City Court of New Orleans, the Constable's Office:

  • Serves Pleadings

  • Performs Seizures

  • Executes Evictions

  • Executes Sales of Properties

  • Other services include:

    • Eviction Notices

    • Notice to Vacate Premises

    • Rule for Possession of Premises

    • Notice of Judgement-Possession of Premises

    • Warrant for Possession Premises

    • Garnishments

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Eviction Process

The eviction process is initiated in the Constable's Office with the Notice to Vacate Premises. This notice is filed by the landlord. The reason for the eviction must be clearly stated on the notice before it will be served.  More.........

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