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NEW FEES Effective May 1, 2023

Service of Legal Documents, Notices, and Subpoenas     $30.00

Execution of Writs and Court Orders                                   $60.00

Notices to Vacate and Other Eviction Actions                     $30.00

Rule for Possession and Notice of Judgment                      $90.00

Newspaper Advertisements                                                   $25.00

Garnishments                                                                         $210.00

Seizure of Moveable and Immovable Property                 1000.00

Reissues :

Garnishments                                                                            $90.00

Other Services                                                                            $30.00

Additional Fees are required for documents being served outside of Orleans Parish-East Bank!

For additional information please call 504-523-3258.

 Constable  First City Court   City of New Orleans - East Bank

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