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                                            Constable Lambert Boissiere, Jr.

Lambert Boissiere, Jr. is currently serving his second term as Constable, the chief law enforcement officer for First City Court, which has jurisdiction over the entire east bank of Orleans Parish, one of the largest jurisdictions held by a constable in the U.S.

Because of his genuine desire to contribute to the economic development of the City of New Orleans and to make things better for its citizens, Constable Boissiere was drawn to a political and community activist career that has spans over 35 years. After working in his family mortuary business in his early adult life, Constable Boissiere began his career as a community activist in 1971 when he worked as the Director of the New Orleans Plan for the Urban League of Greater New Orleans. The New Orleans Plan was a federally funded affirmative action program in Southeast Louisiana.  He also coordinated the counseling, tutoring, and placement of minorities with construction trade unions and affiliated contractors.  This program worked in conjunction with the Department of Labor, U.S. Justice Department and the Equal Opportunity Commission. 

Constable Boissiere’s role goes beyond enforcing the orders of First City Court; His reserve division serves the community by providing security at church and community events. He is the Chairman of the Board for the National Constables and Marshals Association, and President of the Louisiana City Marshals and City Constables Association. He is also an active member of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

Constable Boissiere is also currently serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Louisiana Community and Technical College Facilities Corporation, a Corporation formed to Fund the redevelopment of facilities for community and technical colleges in the State of Louisiana



His accomplishments as Councilman Lambert Boissiere, Jr.

In 1981 Constable Boissiere was elected to the New Orleans City Council representing District D and served in that capacity for thirteen years. His accomplishments as Councilman include:

  • He enacted laws to protect  the health, safety, and welfare of New Orleans constituents.

  • He also authorized land usage and zoning relating to city council legislation.

  • Served as a member of the Utility Regulations Committee, which regulated Entergy New Orleans and Entergy Louisiana.

  • Served as a member of the Cable Committee,assisting with the regulation of cable and fiber optic development and installation and appropriated municipal, educational, and governmental grants.

  • Served as a member of the Budget Committee where he approved appropriations for operating city government, and enacted laws to raise revenues for the city.

  • Appointed as Commissioner of the New Orleans Levee Board in 1986, managing  the construction, repair, and maintenance of 102 miles of levees and flood walls protecting property in the City of New Orleans. 



 Constable  First City Court   City of New Orleans - East Bank

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